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Brandon Blewett, MBA Class of 2010

Company/Job Title: State and Local Tax Associate at KPMG

lifelong Ole Miss fan, Brandon wanted nothing more than to spend some time in Oxford upon graduating from Southern Methodist University and the University of South Carolina Law School. A perfect way to do this was to diversify his skill set through an Ole Miss MBA!

Brandon now has an amazing job at KPMG, one of the “big four” accounting firms in the country. He will be an associate in the State and Local Tax area. KPMG hires bar-licensed attorneys with LLM's or strong business backgrounds to conduct research and write opinion letters about the legal application of the tax code and the ramifications of certain business transactions. KPMG also uses lawyers to help structure business transactions from a tax perspective.


Some of the specific duties of the associate include assisting multi-state companies with state and local tax issues; helping clients with tax issues related to income and franchise taxes; preparing and/or reviewing state income tax estimated payments, extensions and tax returns; assisting in the handling of notices received from state tax authorities; and researching and drafting technical memoranda related to compliance issues.

While in the MBA program, Brandon benefitted the most from the quantitative courses offered– business statistics, accounting, and finance. Brandon is also licensed to practice law in Mississippi. His advice to future MBAs is to “Make your resume focused so that you look tailored for the position for which you are applying. Use buzzwords from the job description in your resume and cover letter. Pick a few fields or industries where you have a strong interest and relevant background, and apply to all firms. Always remain very, very persistent.”

Delanie Foley, Ole Miss Class of 2009

Company/Job Title: Marketing Coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys Organization

Without Ole Miss, Delanie Foley would not be where she is today. While this may sound cliché, it is true. Tailgating in The Grove changed her life for the better.

In the fall of 2007, a group of business men dropped by her tent at the Ole Miss/Alabama game. Half way through an intense football conversation, she was pulled aside and let in on a secret: she was talking to Jerry Jones Jr., son of the Dallas Cowboys owner. After a discussion with one of his VPs about what she wanted to do after graduation, she was offered a summer internship with the organization. While she knew this was “her chance” to shine, she also knew she needed help from the School of Business Administration to make her dreams a reality.

The Ole Miss School of Business Administration was critical in helping her succeed.  Delanie’s internship experience was so amazing that the organization offered her a full time position upon graduation.

With help from the school, she  was able to graduate on time, enabling her to follow her dreams into the sports marketing field. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator for one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world– the Dallas Cowboys.




John Wahl, MBA Class of 2010

Company/Job Title: Fixed Income Strategy Analyst at Raymond James & Associates

From the beginning of his MBA career, John recognized the importance of utilizing the resources available to him through the Ole Miss MBA program. Simply by submitting a well-written resume for the Ole Miss MBA resume book, John was put into contact with his current employer. He serves as an analyst for the Fixed Income Strategy Group of Raymond James & Associates in Memphis, Tennessee.

As an analyst, John’s responsibilities include determining the value of corporate debt securities, creating advice reports, and monitoring performance. Typically, the primary function of a fixed income analyst is to analyze market activity and advise the firm which action will produce the best yield with the minimization of loss.

John firmly believes that his Ole Miss MBA enabled him to achieve his current position, and knows that the accounting and finance courses he took as an MBA student will enable him to succeed on the job!