Business Majors

Beginning Fall 2017*, please be advised that the Ole Miss School of Business Administration has additional standards to declare a specialty major beyond UM admission. Your academic advisor will guide you through the degree requirements for the major you intend to pursue.

All students who intend to pursue a B.B.A. degree will be admitted to the university as a "General Business" major.

In order to progress and have your status changed to a specific major within the School of Business, you will need to meet the following requirements:

You will be eligible to declare a specialty major after you have completed all Freshman level classes, plus Accounting I (ACCY 201), principles of microeconomics (ECON 202), and either legal environment of business (BUS 250) or business communications (BUS 271). for specialty majors (e.g. marketing, management, management information systems, or finance), the gpa on these 39 hours must be a 2.25 or higher. students who do not meet this requirement will remain in "general business".

Required coursework may be completed at the University of Mississippi or another school offering equivalent coursework.

*Students who entered Fall 2016 are classified as "Business" majors and will be required to meet the 2.25 GPA requirement mentioned above in order to declare a specialty major.

The School of Business Administration offers the following major degree fields. Click on any major for detailed information on that major.

» Banking and Finance
» Managerial Finance
» Risk Management and Insurance - (RMI Website)
» Marketing and Corporate Relations
» Management Information Systems
» Management
» Marketing
» Entrepreneurship
» Real Estate
» General Business
» Economics