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Non-Business Minors for Business Students

Students majoring in General Business are required to select and complete a non-business minor to fulfill their degree requirements.

Students with a specialty major (all business majors except General Business) can also have an approved non-business minor. A number of minor fields of study are offered by other departments within the University and are available as options for business students. Requirements for minors vary among the departments that offer them, but they generally require a minimum of 18 hours of coursework in the field. Six hours of the minor must be taken in residence at the University of Mississippi. Students must have a 2.0 or higher GPA in the minor requirements.

In order to earn a minor, students should choose their non-business electives carefully. In some cases, a particular course that is a liberal arts requirement in the business curriculum will count toward a minor field. Students should also choose a minor field in business that would complement their business degree. Students should discuss their interest in earning a minor with their business advisor.

General Business Minor for Non-Business Students

Students from other schools/colleges at the University of Mississippi can earn a General Business minor by completing the following courses:

ACCY 201 - Introduction to Accounting Principles I
ACCY 202 - Introduction to Accounting Principles II
ECON 202 - Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 203 - Principles of Macroeconomics
GB 350 - Essentials of Marketing
GB 370 - Entrepreneurship and Management

Students must complete at least 6 hours of minor courses in residence at the University of Mississippi and have a 2.0 or higher GPA in the minor requirements.

Entrepreneurship Minor

A minor in Entrepreneurship is available to business and non-business students. The minor's focus is on building an entrepreneurial mindset in our students with options to learn about issues related to family-led businesses, legal and human resources issues in small business, as well as financing and effective management of small and startup businesses. All students must meet the individual course prerequisites (please see requirements) before taking courses toward the Entrepreneurship minor.

For business students, earning the entrepreneurship minor requires declaring it to the undergraduate student office. Students outside the business school need to declare their intent to their major department.

The Entrepreneurship minor WILL NOT count as the minor required in the General Business degree, although many of the courses can count as business electives.

Course Requirements:

A minor in Entrepreneurship consists of ACCY 201 and ACCY 202 and any of four of the following courses: GB 350, GB 370 OR MGMT 371, ENT 396, ENT 456, ENT 466, ENT 476, ENT 486 and BUS 400 (Study Abroad or Study USA trip approved by department)

ENT 396 - Small Business Management
Enrollment restrictions - Completion of Fin 331, MKTG 351, and MGMT 371.

ENT 456 - Venture Finance
Enrollment restrictions - Completion of MGMT 371 and Fin 331.

ENT 466 - Regulating Small Business and New Ventures
Enrollment restrictions - C or better in MGMT 371 or GB 370.

ENT 476 - Entrepreneurial Leadership and Human Resource Mgmt
Enrollment restrictions - C or better in MGMT 371 or GB 370.

ENT 486 - Family Business Management
Enrollment restrictions - C or better in MGMT 371 or GB 370; completion of ACCY 201 & ACCY 202.

Note to Business Majors: GB courses (GB 370/GB 350) do not count as electives for your business major. You are advised to take any of the other courses in the approved minor list.