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Business Alumni Chapter


The Business alumni of The University of Mississippi Alumni Association, in order to promote the welfare of The University of Mississippi, to foster and increase the affection that exists between the University and its alumni to the end that through their united efforts The University of Mississippi may develop into a greater educational institution which will serve the people of Mississippi with ever increasing effectiveness, do ordain and promulgate this charter constitution of The University of Mississippi Alumni Association.

All of the officers of the Business Alumni Chapter and the Board of Directors are separately charged with the primary duty of promoting the best interests of the Business Alumni Chapter, the Alumni Association, and the University of Mississippi.


The purpose of this organization is to deal with matters which pertain to Business alumni, to promote understanding between The University of Mississippi and the Business alumni in conjunction with The University of Mississippi Alumni Association, to promote public relations pertaining to Business, to promote communications between alumni, students and faculty of the School of Business at The University of Mississippi. The activities of this organization will be conducted in the best interest of the Alumni Association of The University of Mississippi.


The Business Alumni Chapter has committed itself to providing opportunities to re-involve alumni with the school and our students in an effort to provide the highest level of excellence and experiences for the both groups. To this end, we have enacted several programs for all alumni and friends of Ole Miss Business.

Business Breaks

The Business Alumni Chapter and the Alumni Association support the School by sponsoring Business Breaks at your work place. The purpose of the on-site visit is to stengthen relationships with our alumni and friends and bring the message of what is going on in our School to you. These meetings can help lead to internships and job placement leads for our students as well as information exchanges that can create long lasting benefits for your business. If your company would like to participate in a Business Break, please email us to set up an appointment.

Guest Lecturer Program

The Guest Lecturer program was started with the realization that both students and alumni can benefit by coming together for discourse on a common topic. The guest professor will be contacted by a member of the board of directors. We have many times and disciplines available for you to come and share expertise on topics that our students are studying. For more information and consideration, please contact Clay Cavett (clay@olemiss.edu).

Executive Lecture Series

The School of Business Administration Executive Lecture Series was started to share the experiences of our alumni and friends in the business world with our students as they prepare to enter the workforce. If you are interested in participating or recommending someone for the next distinguished lecture series, please email us.