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Steps to Landing a Job

The typical job search takes 69 months, so start early.

1. Determine what type of a job you want based off your skills and interests. Research and develop a list of your top 20 companies. Use Research sites like www.vault.com and business journals.

2. Meet with a Career Center advisor to develop a job search strategy.

3. Conduct informational interviews with professionals in companies of interest.

4. Networking is one of the best strategies for locating a job. Reach out to Family, Friends, and Faculty/Alumni. Meet with them to discuss your plans and seek advice.

5. Have your resume and cover letter critiqued by the Career Center.

6. Perform a mock interview in the Career Center to learn tips and practice. Remember to always send a thank you note following a job interview or networking meeting.

7. Be proactive and dedicated. Begin applying for full-time positions at least 6 months before you plan to work. You will likely have to apply to numerous jobs before landing your first interview. Remember it is a marathon, not a sprint.

8. Search Handshake and other websites for job opportunities.

9. Customize your resume and cover letter for every job. Use the job description to understand what skills the employers are looking for and highlight those on your resume and cover letter.

10. Attend career fairs and networking events.

11. Follow up via email after submitting job applications or networking with a recruiter.

12. Stay focused and monitor your progress: you will likely need to add more companies to your list. Continue to update your networking contacts and references on your job search.

13. Evaluate and negotiate offers. Meet with a Career Center advisor if you need help negotiating an offer.

For additional resources and strategies please contact the Career Center at 662-915-7174.