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Transfer Credit

University of Mississippi (UM) students may take courses at other institutions. In order to guarantee that the credit will transfer and apply to the student's degree program, the student must obtain written approval from his or her academic dean before enrolling in the course at another institution. Prior approval protects students by determining if and how credits earned elsewhere may satisfy degree requirements. Students who do not receive prior approval risk not being awarded transfer credit if the courses do not equate to UM courses, do not satisfy degree requirements, are not accredited with regional and/or professional accrediting bodies, or other UM rule conflicts.

Please utilize the Transfer Course Equivalency Database (http://transfer.olemiss.edu/transfer-equivalencies/) as a resource to help find potential universities and courses. The listings in this database ARE NOT a final approval. The School of Business Advising Office in Holman 220 will review your request and then respond to you with a final approval or denial.

Note the following rules and regulations regarding transfer credit:
1) Students may NOT take courses at another institution while on Disciplinary Suspension or Dismissal
2) Upper division business courses (300 +) will only be approved from AACSB accredited institutions. A list of AACSB accredited institutions can be found at https://www.aacsb.edu/accreditation/accredited-schools
To seek approval for a 300+business course, students should submit a current course syllabus along with the permission to transfer credit form
3) 50% of your business and accounting courses must be completed at UM
4) 50% of your major courses must be complete at UM
5) 30 hours of your business courses must be completed at UM
6) 15 of your final 21 hours must be completed at UM
7) Only half of the degree requirements from junior/community college may be applied toward a BBA degree

Please complete the Permission to Transfer Credit form and submit it in person to the School of Business Advising Office in Holman 220, by e-mail to advising@bus.olemiss.edu, or by fax to 662-915-1406.

Download "Permission to Transfer Credit" form by clicking HERE.