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Finance Programs

Banking and Finance

Banking is a service business that plays an integral part in both the economic and social life of the community. With a Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Finance, students will be able to identify financial needs in every segment of our society and develop bank services to help fill those needs. The curriculum for Banking and Finance includes many classes on bank management as well as monetary and banking policies. The banking industry is looking for alert, bright, people-oriented prospects that have self-confidence and problem-solving ability.

Managerial Finance

Contemporary society offers unlimited opportunities to men and women with an understanding of finance. A Bachelor of Business Administration in Managerial Finance prepares students the management control of financial planning of a business. The curriculum for Managerial Finance includes finance classes as well as some accounting classes. Students in this major will be prepared to interpret financial statements, make investments, as will understand how the finance department works with other departments in the corporation.

Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is in great need of highly qualified individuals with in-depth understanding of this increasingly complex business area. The required curriculum for a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate has been developed to meet the needs of the industry and to prepare students for their desired certification. Students who complete the Real Estate program are prepared to value real estate and to interpret the financial aspects of the industry. The Real Estate curriculum is also helpful for students in other disciplines such as accountancy, banking, marketing, and management who will be employed by industries involved directly or indirectly with real estate.

Risk Management and Insurance

Both corporations and individuals are increasingly concerned with protection against losses of property, life, health, and liability lawsuits. Due to this and other factors in the world today, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Risk Management and Insurance has become increasingly popular. The risk management and insurance faculty are absolutely dedicated to maximizing student interaction with people employed in the insurance industry so that students can find their own niche.

Ph.D. Program in Finance

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration is awarded for scholarly attainment and represents the highest degree that the University may bestow on a business student. The basic purpose of the program is to enable persons who are seeking careers in institutions of higher learning (or in research or staff positions in business, industry, or government) to acquire a comprehensive, professional education. The doctoral program provides a deep understanding of business administration and in-depth study in a major field with an emphasis in finance, management, management information systems, or marketing. A personalized program is designed for each student based upon the individual's background, experience, and needs. Students seeking the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration make an unequivocal personal commitment to intellectual integrity and scholarship