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Careers in Marketing

You just cannot go wrong with a choice of a career in marketing with a third of all Americans employed in marketing related positions. The knowledge gained from marketing the products of your company is the first stepping stone for the highest levels in the organization.


Initial salaries in advertising tend to be lower than the other fields of marketing but the opportunities for advancement far outstrip any of the other fields. Typical jobs include copyrighting, Art Direction, Account management and Media buying and selling. The sub-discipline is an important business activity that requires skill in planning, fact gathering, and creativity. Although compensation for starting jobs tends to be lower than that in other marketing fields, opportunities for advancement usually outstrip other specialties.

Brand/Product Management

Brand/product management involves planning, directing and controlling products. It involves all sub-disciplines and job descriptions including research and development, packaging, manufacturing, sales and distribution, advertising, promotion, market research, and business analysis and forecasting.

Business to Business Marketing

Rather than focus on the final consumer, Industrial Marketing focuses more on other businesses as possible clients. The job primarily involves sales, service, product design and marketing research, or one of several other positions.

Marketing Research

Marketing Research involves evaluating and processing what consumers think they need, what they claim they need and what they actually need. A liking of mathematics can allow you to do all of these and help your company create the perfect product for the best possible segment. You usually start off with data collection, then move on to analysis and then design. The sky is the limit.

New Product Planning

New Product Planning is not a startup marketing job. Most people who work in this area have a in marketing, marketing research, and sales forecasting. In addition to marketing expertise, they also need organizational skills to motivate and coordinate others.

Logistics and Distribution

Major manufacturers, transportation carriers, wholesalers, and retailers all have an in-house logistics department. A background in Productions and Operations Management along-with Marketing will provide graduates the necessary skills for the job.

Public Relations/Communications

People majoring in PR and Communications are focused on anticipating public problems, handling complaints, and dealing with different types of media. It is meant for people who love to communicate with others. Students should preferably have some exposure to journalism, communications, or the liberal arts.

Retailing Management

Retailing consists of merchandise management and store management. In the first the function the primary function of the employee is to manage the cost of purchase of the merchandise through negotiations with current suppliers and exploration of new suppliers. In the latter, the focus of the job is sales-force management, store display, internal pricing and promotion.


Career paths for the person working in the field of sales focus on selling a product to consumers. Communication and knowledge of persuasive techniques is a must! Based on experience and performance the job can take you from being a local salesperson to district, regional, and higher levels of sales management.