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Marketing Programs

The function of Marketing is to acquire and retain customers by delivering complete customer value. This is achieved by identifying and/or creating needs and then efficiently and effectively satisfying them to the consumers' liking.

The Department of Marketing offers its students the tools and the opportunity to understand and tackle marketing problems they will face in the industry. More importantly, we expose students to the concept of working and learning with leaders and colleagues through both in-school activities like simulations and working within the industry through internship programs. This helps them in being able to constantly track consumers and to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced in the context of customer need fulfillment.

B.B.A. in Marketing:

Marketing encompasses a wide range of activities that facilitate exchanges between buyers and sellers. In addition to basic courses such as marketing principles, consumer behavior, global marketing and marketing research, marketing majors can pursue their studies in such diverse topics as professional selling and sales management, services marketing, and legal/ethical/social issues in marketing, among others. Graduates typically follow careers in personal selling, marketing research, retailing, advertising, and public relations with manufacturing or service firms.

All students with a major in Marketing are required to follow a prescribed curriculum for the freshman and sophomore years. The Marketing major consists of 24 semester hours of marketing coursework beyond the required Business and Liberal Arts core and must include MKTG 367 (Consumer and Market Behavior), MKTG 525 (Marketing Research), MKTG 451 (Marketing Policy and Strategy), and MKTG 452 (Global Marketing) as well as 12 additional credit hours of undergraduate marketing courses.
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B.B.A. in Marketing and Communication Strategy:

Marketing and Communication Strategy students develop a unique combination of analytical and creative skill sets that include: enhanced critical thinking and market analysis capabilities to connect and engage with consumers, expertise in evaluating the optimal combination of paid, owned, and earned media options across a variety of multimedia platforms, and creativity in developing imaginative integrated campaigns for that build strong brands.
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Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)

The MBA Program at the University of Mississippi provides rigorous and practical training in all of the core areas of business management. The program can be completed in as little as one year, but students can enroll on a part-time basis for exceptional flexibility in meshing work and family obligations with graduate studies.

Students can choose either a traditional classroom-based format in the Campus MBA Program (MBA), or an on-line course format in the Professional MBA Program (PMBA).
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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Business Administration

The doctoral program in Business Administration seeks to develop capable educators and scholars. Students are trained to conduct independent academic research to facilitate the development of the field of marketing. Graduates of our program typically become successful faculty at research-oriented universities.

The success of the doctoral program is largely due to the faculty's commitment to mentoring students. Students work closely with faculty as they build competency and credentials in the craft of academic research and publication. Our conscious decision to combine modest size with high-contact, quality instruction has allowed us to create a superior learning environment—one that emphasizes rigor and individual attention while offering a generous degree of personal flexibility.
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"I think what I found most valuable about the Ph.D. program at Ole Miss was the supportive environment. From day one, even as a doctoral student, I was treated as a colleague and surrounded by a supportive faculty. I never had a doubt that the faculty was working very hard to be sure that I succeeded."
- Joanna Phillips; Ph.D. in Marketing, 2007