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Careers in MIS

In today's high-tech global community, a person with a combination of information technology skills and business skills will face an exciting career filled with opportunities to serve as an agent of change and of organizational advancement. Students who complete the Management Information Systems (MIS) undergraduate program at the University of Mississippi are at the forefront of the high-tech revolution in business.

Information Technology courses dealing with programming, systems engineering, databases, intelligent systems, and networked applications provide our students with leading-edge skills that are demanded in today's job market. Functional business courses in accountancy, economics, statistics, finance, business law and operations management provide the additional business know-how needed to understand and identify the appropriate applications of information technology to solve critical business problems.

Many national publications, including Money Magazine, ComputerWorld, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and BusinessWeek have highlighted the growing demand for information technology specialists. Graduates of the MIS program at the University of Mississippi have been hired by the world's leading producers and users of information systems, including Microsoft, IBM, and FedEx.

There are many different types of career specializations someone with an MIS degree can pursue. For example, a person who likes telecommunications and computer networking may become a Network Administrator in order to manage a departmental or organizational network. A person who is interested in data management may want to be a Database Programmer or a Database Administrator with the responsibility for managing data and information (one of the most valuable assets owned by a modern business). A graduate who likes to integrate several components into a complete system might consider a career as a Systems Analyst or as a Systems Integrator. Those MIS graduates who are interested in programming could become Software Engineers or Programmers. Finally, a person interested in helping others make effective use of information technology resources could consider a career as an End-User Support Specialist or as a Help-Desk Specialist.

Beyond these examples of careers and positions, there are many additional opportunities for graduates of the MIS program. Use the link below to explore the many opportunities available to MIS Program graduates:

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