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MIS Programs

Undergraduate Program - Management Information Systems (MIS)

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems is a unique program designed to educate students as information systems professionals. Students gain knowledge about information systems technology, information management concepts, business processes, organizational functions and management (which includes interpersonal communications, organizational behavior, analytical tools, and statistical management).

Graduate Program - Ph.D. Program in MIS

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration is awarded for scholarly attainment and represents the highest degree that the University may bestow on a business student. The basic purpose of the program is to enable persons who are seeking careers in institutions of higher learning (or in research or staff positions in business, industry, or government) to acquire a comprehensive, professional education. The doctoral program provides a deep understanding of business administration and in-depth study in a major field with an emphasis in finance, management, management information systems, or marketing. A personalized program is designed for each student based on the individual's background, experience, and needs. Students seeking the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration make an unequivocal personal commitment to intellectual integrity and scholarship.