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New Employee Info

E-Mail address

Your e-mail address is username@bus.olemiss.edu where username is your username. This is usually first initial + last name. Example Joe User would be juser@bus.olemiss.edu
Web Interface for e-mail: http://webmail.bus.olemiss.edu or http://www.gmail.com

Intranet website

Please set your browser to https://www.olemissbusiness.com/intranet/FAQ.html as your default homepage. Links to important information are placed on this page.

Work Order System

If you need assistance with your computer or anything that relates to technology, enter a work order. Please do not send an email. Your problem will be solved much faster with a work order. We have a link to the work order system on the main intranet website.

Faculty webpages

All faculty webpages are on http://faculty.bus.olemiss.edu. Websites are not created by default. It is up to each individual faculty member to create their own site. Please submit a work order and someone will help set up a direct access share to your web directory.

H: Drive (home directory)

The H: drive is your home directory on the server. It is a share on data1.bus.olemiss.edu in which you are the only one that has access. When you login to the network, the H: drive letter is mapped to your particular share. You may access this share from any computer in the Business School as long as you are logged in to the network. This will allow you to put PowerPoint slides on this drive while in your office and then go to the podium and retrieve them.

All information in your home directory is backed up each night. We can only go back a few days with our backups though. If you lose some information located in your home directory, notify us immediately.

*** Important reminder: If you leave a computer logged into your account, then anyone using that computer will have full access to those files. So, remember to logout before leaving your computer.